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Vivlion holds an exclusive license to Goethe University’s proprietary 3Cs technology for the production of next generation 3Cs CRISPR/Cas gRNA libraries. 

CRISPR 3Cs gRNA libraries

Vivlion’s single and dual-combinatorial reagents can be made in any diversity. Depending on the type of library (single, multiplex, fixed-pair), diversity of the reagent leads to an exponential increase of cellular targets.

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CRISPR gRNA screening by Vivlion GmbH

3Cs reagents are of exceptional quality due to the unique production process in which sequence diversity and sequence distribution are uncoupled, leading to a well-balanced gRNA representation. 3Cs reagents are strictly quality controlled by next generation sequencing.

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CRISPR gRNA multiplexing by Vivlion GmbH

3Cs technology avoids PCR and conventional cloning steps during library generation, resulting in high quality and uniformly distributed libraries. The high quality of Vivlion’s 3Cs reagents leads to better results with less library coverage, reducing the amount of required cell culture work.

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High-quality gRNA libraries by Vivlion GmbH


CRISPR libraries by Vivlion GmbH


Typical applications for 3Cs gene editing libraries include synthetic lethality screening, combinatorial drug discovery, drug target identification, repurposing studies and mechanistic studies. Our team of experts is happy to advise you on reagent choice and experimental design. In addition, we offer different levels of bioinformatical analysis of your screening experiments.

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