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Our range of 3Cs reagents.
3Cs-based CRISPR libraries and edited cells come in the following formats:

CRISPR single gRNA library
1 target per cell
CRISPR gRNA multiplexing library
combinations of any 2
targets per cell
CRISPR gRNA fixed-pair library
pre-defined combinations of any 2 targets per cell

3Cs single gRNA libraries come in any order of magnitude. Due to the unique 3Cs production process, sequence diversity is uncoupled from sequence distribution, enabling the generation of very large reagents meeting highest quality requirements. With our line of RUN products, customers benefit from a very competitive price and a fast delivery time. 3Cs RUN libraries are readily available for major pathways and protein families. For customers wishing to analyze individual sets of genes, the 3Cs YOU product line provides tailored gRNA libraries on demand.

The unique 3Cs technology enables production of dual combinatorial gRNA reagents in any order of magnitude with unmatched quality. Multiplex 3Cs libraries contain all combinations of any two pools of gRNAs, targeting two genes per cell. Libraries for combinatorial analysis come in readily available and tailor-made formats (RUN/YOU product lines). Application of 3Cs multiplex gRNA libraries lifts CRISPR/Cas screening to a hitherto unreached level, and we recommend customers to get in contact for any questions regarding experimental size and design.

The fixed-pair 3Cs technology is the latest revolution coming from Goethe University's laboratories. It enables the production of pre-defined combinatorial gRNA libraries in any order of magnitude. 3Cs fixed-pair facilitates the systematic excision of defined genomic regions, the targeting of predefined combinations of genes and the targeting of one gene with multiple gRNAs, thereby increasing on-target rates and throughput. The technology opens new avenues for CRISPR/Cas gRNA screening in non-coding regions. 3Cs fixed-pair reagents are made on demand .

CRISPR gRNA Libraries by Vivlion GmbH


CRISPR gRNAs by Vivlion GmbH


Typical applications for 3Cs gene editing libraries include synthetic lethality screening, combinatorial drug discovery, drug target identification, repurposing studies and mechanistic studies. Our team of experts is happy to advise you on reagent choice and experimental design. In addition, we offer different levels of bioinformatical analysis of your screening experiments.

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